Dennis Chiu

Dennis Chiu has been writing since his college days. -- he first discovered his passion for writing as an editor of the school paper! Since then, he has developed a creative passion for writing into a lifelong profession.  Over the years, he cultivated his creative talents as an SEO writer, blog writer, e-book writer, and gadget reviewer. He even dabbled in chat support and web development for a while.   Even during his younger years, Dennis was particularly curious about learning how things work. He considers problem-solving a welcome challenge to overcome, dabbling in DIY projects and doing repairs and minor renovations at home.  Dennis aims to translate his passion for figuring things out on his own by writing informative gadgets and tech articles that will help people learn, understand, and find the solutions they need. In his spare time, Dennis likes to read thrillers, watch anime and captivating dramas, and play video games.