Vizio Airplay Not Working [9 Easy Ways to Fix It!]

Vizio Airplay Not Working [9 Easy Ways to Fix It!]

AirPlay is pure bliss in your Vizio, giving Bluetooth a run for the money when it comes to higher-quality audio and greater functionality. So, it’s really frustrating when your Vizio’s AirPlay starts acting up and grinds to a halt.

Fix the Vizio AirPlay by restarting your TV and WiFi router. You can also reset all paired devices and connect them to the same WiFi network, turn off your Mac’s firewall, update your TV’s software, or reset it to its initial settings.

That may sound like a lot. But don’t let that stop you; in this post, we’ll break it down into easy-to-apply steps so you can factor nine proven workarounds to Vizio AirPlay not working and get back to your favorite shows online in a few. 

FIX 1. Restart your TV 

Difficulty Very Easy ●○○○○
Number of Steps4
Time to Perform Fix40 seconds
Things NeededA Vizio smart TVA Vizio TV remote control

The Apple AirPlay not working on Vizio TV can be caused by minor errors on the device’s system. Fortunately, simple issues like this on your Vizio TV are easy to deal with since they can be fixed by performing a quick restart procedure.

This action will help correct the errors and bugs in your Vizio TV by allowing its system memory to reset from the restart sequence. It’s a quick and easy solution you can try whenever your Vizio TV suffers from various errors.

We recommend restarting your Vizio TV if you’ve recently turned on its AirPlay feature. Sometimes, a quick restart is needed for system changes like this to take effect on your Vizio TV.

Once your Vizio TV boots up, you can check if its AirPlay feature works properly. You can keep repeating this method until it fixes the issue or try the following solutions.

Step 1: Go to the Vizio TV settings menu using the Menu button on the remote control.

Step 2: Go to System.

Step 3: Go to Reset & Admin.

Step 4: Click Reboot TV and wait for your Vizio TV to restart its system.

Note: The restart sequence will delete your Vizio TV’s cached data. System errors aside, you can use this method to address your misbehaving apps.

FIX 2. Reboot your router 

Difficulty Very Easy ●○○○○
Number of Steps3
Time to Perform Fix35 seconds
Things NeededA WiFi router

Apple’s AirPlay technology transmits audio and video signals between compatible devices over the Internet. Therefore, a reliable WiFi connection is required to set up the AirPlay feature and connect your Vizio TV to an Apple device.

If AirPlay isn’t working on your Vizio TV due to a terrible WiFi connection, we suggest troubleshooting your router to fix the connectivity issue. You can reboot your WiFi router to troubleshoot its faulty connection on your Vizio TV and Apple devices.

Once your WiFi router reboots, you might need to reconnect your Vizio TV and Apple devices to the network to establish a new connection. However, you must contact your internet provider if the connectivity issue persists after the reboot.

Your ISP may be experiencing a technical difficulty that might take a while to resolve. In such cases, you must wait until they’ve sorted out the issues before attempting to use the AirPlay feature on your Vizio TV.

Step 1: Unplug the power cable at the back of your WiFi router.

Note: If your WiFi router has a power button, click it to turn the device off before unplugging its power cable.
Step 2: Leave your WiFi router for 30 seconds to let it shut down completely.
Step 3: Plug the power cable at the back of your WiFi router to turn it on.

Note: Press the power button if your WiFi router has one.

FIX 3. Reset paired devices 

Difficulty Very Easy ●○○○○
Number of Steps7
Time to Perform Fix5 seconds
Things NeededA Vizio smart TVAn iPhone or MacA working power cableA working power outlet

Aside from your WiFi router, you might need to troubleshoot all your paired devices. This action lets your devices correct system errors and bugs individually, allowing them to establish an AirPlay connection without issues afterward.

It’s a simple way to resolve Vizio AirPlay issues since it doesn’t require you to tinker with the settings configuration of each device. Once your paired devices boot up, you can use the AirPlay feature to check if the screen mirroring works.

Step 1: Shut down your Vizio TV and unplug its power cable from the outlet.

Note: You can also unplug your Vizio TV without turning it off first.
Step 2: Press the iPhone’s volume-up button.

Step 3: Press the iPhone’s volume-down button.

Step 4: Press the iPhone’s side button.

Step 5: Slide the power slider to the right to shut down your iPhone.

Note: If you’re using a Mac, you must also turn it off.
Step 6: Plug your Vizio TV and turn it back on.

Step 7: Hold your iPhone’s side button until it turns on.

Note: Turn on your Mac if that’s what you’re using.

FIX 4. Make sure the devices are using the same network 

Difficulty Very Easy ●○○○○
Number of Steps7
Time to Perform Fix40 seconds
Things NeededA Vizio TVA Vizio remote controlA working internet connectionAn iPhone or Mac

Meeting the prerequisites of the AirPlay feature is critical to its success when used on your Vizio TV. In particular, you must ensure that your Vizio TV and Apple devices use the same WiFi network to detect each other and connect via the AirPlay feature.

It means your devices might be on different WiFi networks when AirPlay isn’t working on your Vizio TV. As such, we suggest reconnecting your Vizio TV and Apple devices to your WiFi network to ensure they share the same internet connection.

After all, your devices might connect to different access points even if you only have one WiFi network. The issue can happen when using a dual-band WiFi router with separate 2.4GHz and 5.0GHz access points.

Step 1: Go to the Vizio TV settings menu using the Menu button on the remote control.

Step 2: Go to Network.

Step 3: Click More Access Points to see all available WiFi networks.

Step 4: Select a WiFi network.

Step 5: Enter the WiFi passphrase.

Step 6: Click Connect to set up the connection.

Step 7: Connect your iPhone or Mac to the same WiFi network.

FIX 5. Update the TV’s system software 

Difficulty Easy ●●○○○
Number of Steps4
Time to Perform Fix10 minutes
Things NeededA Vizio smart TVA Vizio TV remote controlA working internet connection

One way to keep your Vizio TV working in its best condition is to update its system software whenever available. Doing so will ensure your Vizio TV has the latest performance and compatibility upgrades so its apps and features can run smoothly.

If your TV uses an outdated system software, that would explain why the Vizio AirPlay isn’t working even when you meet the other prerequisites. AirPlay problems might occur even without a compatibility issue due to your Vizio TV being faulty.

After all, most software-related errors may prevent your Vizio TV from working even if its apps and features don’t have any issues. You must maintain your Vizio TV and its apps and features to prevent them from getting in the way when using AirPlay.

This method will fix the current AirPlay issue and be an excellent preventive measure. It makes performing the software update worthwhile since you can address the problems with your Vizio TV’s AirPlay feature in two ways.

Step 1: Go to the Vizio TV settings menu using the Menu button on the remote control.

Step 2: Go to System.

Step 3: Go to the Check for Updates option and click Yes on the confirmation window to continue.

Note: Wait while your Vizio TV connects to the Internet and browses for the latest software update.
Step 4: Select Yes to download and install the latest Vizio TV update.
Note: Your Vizio TV must have sufficient storage space to complete the system update without issues. Uninstall some apps if the remaining storage space is insufficient.

FIX 6. Turn off your Mac’s firewall 

Difficulty Very Easy ●○○○○
Number of Steps4
Time to Perform Fix15 seconds
Things NeededA Mac

Believe it or not, it’s common for Mac users to encounter the Vizio AirPlay issue due to connectivity problems caused by the device’s security feature. The firewall feature on Macbooks often blocks connections with other devices for security purposes.

It’s a nifty tool for protecting your Mac from third parties who might want to gain unauthorized access to its system. However, it can be annoying when you want to mirror your Mac’s screen to a large Vizio TV display and share it with other people.

After all, you don’t want to keep turning your Mac’s firewall settings on and off whenever you want to use the AirPlay feature. Doing so will be a hassle and a waste of time, especially for those with busy schedules.

As such, we suggest keeping your Mac’s firewall turned off to make things more convenient. However, only do this if you’re sure your WiFi network is secure, and your Mac doesn’t have sensitive information that shady entities can use.

Step 1: Go to your Mac’s system settings menu.

Step 2: Go to Network.

Step 3: Open your Mac’s Firewall settings.

Step 4: Toggle the Firewall switch off.

FIX 7. Factory reset TV 

More often than not, updating your TV’s system software version should be enough to fix the Vizio AirPlay issue. Unfortunately, there are instances when the system files become corrupted, and a mere version update can’t do anything to fix it.

While system files getting corrupted is rare, something similar can happen when your Vizio TV gets infected with malware. In such cases, only a factory reset can eliminate the malware from your Vizio TV.

Since malware can install itself automatically, you can’t detect and uninstall it manually. After a software update, the malware will remain since the process only removes and replaces your Vizio TV’s old system files.

You must reset your Vizio TV to its initial factory settings to delete all your saved data and files. Below are two ways to perform a Vizio TV factory reset, so choose the best method for your current situation.

Use your Vizio remote 

Difficulty Very Easy ●○○○○
Number of Steps5
Time to Perform Fix3 minutes
Things NeededA Vizio TVA Vizio TV remote control

The standard factory reset method involves initiating the factory reset from your Vizio TV’s system settings menu. You can only perform this method with a working Vizio remote or an alternative control option, such as a USB keyboard or the Vizio app.

Step 1: Open the Vizio TV settings menu by pressing the Menu button on its remote control.

Step 2: Go to System.

Step 3: Scroll down and go to the Reset & Admin menu.

Step 4: Click Reset to Factory Settings.
Step 5: Click Reset on the small pop-up window to confirm the Vizio TV factory reset.
Note: Follow the on-screen setup instructions after the factory reset.

Use the physical buttons at the back of your TV 

Difficulty Very Easy ●○○○○
Number of Steps2
Time to Perform Fix50 seconds
Things NeededA Vizio smart TV

If you don’t have a way to navigate your Vizio TV’s system settings menu, your alternate option is to use its built-in physical buttons. Believe it or not, the buttons on your Vizio TV serve multiple functions when the remote control breaks or dies.

Please note that the location of the physical buttons varies between Vizio TV models. It’s common for these buttons to be at the back panel, but you may also find them in the bottom bezel and on the side.

Step 1: Hold the volume down and input buttons at the back of your Vizio TV simultaneously for 10 seconds.

Note: Other Vizio TVs only need you to hold the input button.
Step 2: Wait while your Vizio TV clears its memory and restores its factory settings.

FIX 8. Check your Vizio TV’s warranty 

Difficulty Very Easy ●○○○○
Number of Steps1
Time to Perform Fix10 seconds
Things NeededA Vizio TV warrantyA smartphone or PCA working internet connection

When troubleshooting the Vizio AirPlay issue doesn’t go as planned, your best recourse is to return the unit to a service center. This way, a certified Vizio technician can check your TV and identify what’s causing AirPlay to fail.

Please note that the consultation and repair may cost a few extra bucks depending on what’s causing the issue on your Vizio TV. Fortunately, paying to get your Vizio TV looked at by an expert is infinitely better than troubleshooting it to no avail.

However, we suggest considering the repair cost, especially if it’s expensive enough and getting a new TV is more practical. It’s important to explore all your options and go with the one where you get more for what you’re spending.

You can visit Vizio’s Warranty & Returns page to check the limitations of their product warranty. If the warranty policy covers the damage to your Vizio TV, the repair service will be free.

FIX 9. Contact Vizio’s customer support 

Difficulty Very Easy ●○○○○
Number of Steps1
Time to Perform Fix30 to 60 seconds
Things NeededA phone or PCA working internet connection

Another option you can try is contacting Vizio Support for further assistance.

This way, a customer service agent can guide you with other ways to troubleshoot your Vizio TV that this guide couldn’t cover.

You can try contacting Vizio Support through an SMS or MMS text message, call, or live chat with their customer support agents. Vizio also offers a callback service where you can leave them with your contact details so they can get back to you.

Here’s a quick list of Vizio Support’s contact details and a link to their live agent chat.

  • 205-301-3729 (SMS/MMS only)
  • 844-254-8087 (Canada & US)
  • 844-324-5953 (Mexico)

How to Turn On Your Vizio TV’s AirPlay Feature

Difficulty Very Easy ●○○○○
Number of Steps6
Time to Perform Fix30 seconds
Things NeededA Vizio smart TVA Vizio remote control

There’s no point troubleshooting the issue with Vizio AirPlay not working if you don’t know how to enable the feature in the first place. It means the abovementioned solutions don’t matter if you only keep AirPlay disabled on your Vizio TV.

As such, we’ve included instructions for turning on the AirPlay feature on your Vizio smart TV. Once it’s turned on, you can mirror the screen of an iPhone or Mac on the same WiFi network as your Vizio TV.

Step 1: Press the SmartCast button on your Vizio remote to go to the home screen.

Step 2: Use the Vizio remote’s directional pad to navigate the home menu panel and select the EXTRAS option.

Step 3: Scroll down and click Apple AirPlay.

Step 4: Select the AirPlay option.

Step 5: Select On to enable the AirPlay feature on your Vizio TV.

Step 6: Check if the AirPlay option has been added to the home menu panel.

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