How to Jailbreak Firestick

Jailbroken Firestick: Has anyone got in trouble for using it?

Indeed, the Amazon FireStick is popular among cord-cutters because it’s cheap and easy to jailbreak, giving them access to countless free content. But the million-dollar question is: Will doing so lead you to legal trouble?

Using a jailbroken FireStick device is not illegal. Jailbreaking your FireStick is entirely lawful; however, streaming copyrighted content on a jailbroken FireStick could make you liable legally, albeit the risk is low. 

If all that seemed confusing, don’t worry. In this post, we’ll walk you through the legalities of using a jailbroken FireStick and whether anyone has gotten in trouble; plus, we’ll detail how you can make the most of a VPN for your utmost protection.

Is it safe to jailbreak a FireStick? 

It’s generally safe to jailbreak a FireStick device since this process is simple and easy, and anyone should be able to do it. After all, jailbreaking a FireStick device is installing unofficial third-party apps unavailable from the Amazon App Store.

Often, FireStick users jailbreak their streaming device by using the Downloader app, which lets them access APK files for third-party apps outside the app store. You can install these APK files once you allow apps from unknown sources on your FireStick.

Is it safe to jailbreak a FireStick

Aside from adjusting a few of your FireStick’s settings and unlocking its developer options, jailbreaking doesn’t involve hacking the device’s system. This is a far cry from the jailbreaking done on Android and iOS devices or gaming consoles.

Therefore, you shouldn’t be concerned about destroying your FireStick device if you “jailbreak” it. In this context, jailbreaking means tearing down the invisible walls that Amazon laid out to limit the apps you can use on your FireStick.

You can say that a jailbroken FireStick has more freedom since you open your device to allow unknown sources, giving you access to countless apps. 

But this has a downside. That’s because you are doing something not prescribed by the device’s manufacturer. 

Without the needed updates from Amazon that should give you timely protection from malware and bugs, you make yourself prone to security breaches and legal troubles.

While the jailbreaking process is safe for your FireStick device, it makes you likely to fall victim to shady apps that aren’t as secure as official ones. And that could harm you in the long run. 

Safety is the reason FireStick devices use the Amazon App Store by default/. Apps listed there are heavily vetted and must pass rigorous standards, something you can’t say about those apps from unknown sources you let in. 

jailbreak a FireStick

Once you download an app from an unknown source outside the Amazon App Store, there’s no guarantee that it won’t come with malware or a virus. As such, you must always observe your due diligence when installing apps on a jailbroken FireStick.

Note that unofficial apps are prone to malfunctions and compatibility issues. It’s understandable since most third-party apps are only usable on the FireStick due to its Android-based operating system, not because they have superb optimization.

The good thing is you can continue to download and install apps from the Amazon Apps Store. Although jailbreaking your FireStick opens the floodgates to more apps, the streaming device should retain its essential features and functions without issues.

Ultimately, your actions will determine whether or not jailbreaking your FireStick device is safe. But one thing’s certain: you put your streaming device at greater risk when you do so. 

Is it illegal to jailbreak a FireStick? 

After buying your FireStick device, you should be able to use it how you see fit. Therefore, it shouldn’t be surprising that jailbreaking your FireStick device to break down the limitations set by Amazon to access more apps is entirely legal.

However, since the laws are tricky, it doesn’t mean you own the operating system and patents to the technologies used by Amazon. As such, you shouldn’t change your FireStick device significantly unless you’re confident you’re doing it legally. 

Fortunately, you shouldn’t worry about legal repercussions when breaking your FireStick device apart. Given limitations, of course. 

In this context, it won’t matter whether you’re performing a self-repair or making slight modifications to your FireStick device as long as it’s for personal use. The problem starts when you use the jailbroken FireStick for commercial purposes. 

Is it illegal to jailbreak a FireStick

After all, the recurring argument that companies use is that jailbreaking may result in an entirely new product that competes with the original product. Not only is this bad for their business but it’s allowed by copyright law,  though it seems unreasonable.

Unfortunately for these companies, jailbreaking is indeed protected by law, which the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) solidifies. Since these revisions consider more exemptions under the DMCA, they include streaming devices like the FireStick.

The Digital Millennium Copyright Act

In the US, jailbreaking computing devices has never been illegal since the 2010 revision of the DMCA. This follows the 2018 revision that distinguished that jailbreaking is subject to fair use due to a lack of proof that it causes harm. 

The Digital Millennium Copyright Act

Since the 2018 revisions added streaming devices as an exemption, you can jailbreak your FireStick device to your heart’s content. But remember, there are certain limitations that you may have to look into. 

Unless you intentionally make jailbroken FireSticks to sell as a competing product, you should be in good hands legally. Also, you must not use your streaming device for commercial purposes where you seek to gain profits from the shows. 

After all, most of the legal issues arise from what FireStick users do with their jailbroken streaming devices. Unfortunately, the exemptions made by the DMCA don’t protect FireStick users who commit violations of other existing laws.

In particular, the most common violation a FireStick user may face is content piracy, which isn’t an exemption under DMCA.

This is because most FireStick users jailbreak their devices to install streaming apps that offer free live channels, shows, and movies.

FireStick users jailbreak their devices to install streaming apps that offer free live channels, shows, and movies

Thus, you’re putting yourself in trouble by streaming copyrighted content through shady third-party apps that stream and distribute them illegally. While DMCA protects you from jailbreaking your FireStick, it penalizes you for pirating copyrighted content.

However, while streaming copyrighted content often doesn’t receive punishment compared to distributing it yourself for money, it’s better to be safe than sorry. You must avoid copyrighted content or mask your online activity when you stream it.

Doing so is your best option for protecting yourself from the legal consequences of streaming copyrighted content on a jailbroken FireStick. Thus, we highly recommend using a VPN app to hide your IP address when streaming on your FireStick device.

How to Use a VPN on Your FireStick for Safe Streaming

Difficulty Moderate ●●●○○
Number of Steps30
Time to Perform Fix2 minutes and 30 seconds
Things NeededA FireStick/Fire TVA PC or smartphone
A FireStick remote A working internet connection

As mentioned, using a VPN protection is essential when streaming content on your jailbroken FireStick device. VPN services allow you to mask your IP address and hide your online activities from third parties like the government or your ISP.

How to Use a VPN on Your FireStick for Safe Streaming

Additionally, VPNs let you spoof your location, giving you access to content restricted to your region. Therefore, jailbreaking your FireStick device and using a VPN app is the best combination to expand your massive content selection.

Thus, it’s an excellent tool when you’re unsure whether or not the content you’re streaming is copyrighted. After all, you cannot confirm whether third-party streaming apps own the licenses to distribute or stream the content you’re watching.

You don’t want to be complacent and get in trouble for using a jailbroken FireStick device to stream copyrighted content on a third-party app. A VPN app is essential to ensure your streaming experience is safe, secure, and free from legal issues.

Fortunately, various tried and tested VPN services on your FireStick device exist. Some premium VPN apps are available from the Amazon App Store, while others you can install using the Downloader app on your jailbroken FireStick device.

Step 1: Open your FireStick device’s Amazon Silk Browser app.

Note: You can use the web browser on your PC or smartphone to perform Steps 1 to 4.
Step 2: Scroll up to click the address bar.

Step 3: Visit “” to sign up for a free account.

Note: Instead, visit Proton VPN’s pricing page to purchase a premium subscription.
A premium account has access to more servers compared to the three that a free Proton VPN account offers.
Step 4: Fill in your account details and click Create account.

Note: You must verify your account using a code you’ll receive at your email address.
Step 5: Press your Fire TV Stick remote’s Home key and go to the FireStick home screen.

Note: Skip to Step 15 if you have jailbroken your FireStick device already.
Step 6: Scroll to the Find menu and click the Search option to open the Amazon App Store.

Step 7: Type Downloader via the on-screen keyboard and click it from the suggestions. 

Note: You can also ask Alexa to “search for the Download app” while holding your remote’s Alexa Voice button.
Step 8: Select the Downloader app on the search results page.

Step 9: Click Download to install Downloader on your FireStick device.

Step 10: Return to the FireStick home screen and scroll to the gear icon.

Step 11: Click My Fire TV.

Step 12: Open Developer Options.

Step 13: Click “Install unknown apps.”

Step 14: Select Downloader and toggle its permission on.

Step 15: Open the Downloader app and click its search bar.

Step 16: Type “28907” and click Go or press the FireStick remote’s Play button.

Step 17: Wait while the website loads and press Menu twice on the FireStick remote to enter fullscreen mode.

Step 18: Scroll down to the category section and click VPN.

Step 19: Scroll down and click Proton VPN.

Step 20: Scroll down and click Download to download its APK file.

Step 21: Click INSTALL after downloading the Proton VPN APK file.

Step 22: Wait while Proton VPN installs on your FireStick device.

Step 23: Click Done to complete the Proton VPN installation.

Step 24: Click Delete to remove the Proton VPN APK file.

Step 25: Click Delete again.

Step 26: Return to the FireStick home screen and scroll to the Apps & Channels page.

Step 27: Open the Proton VPN app.

Step 28: Click the SIGN IN button and use your free Proton VPN account.

Step 29: Select a free server to connect to.

Step 30: Click OK to set up your FireStick device’s VPN connection.

In this example, we showed you how to download and install the Proton VPN app on your FireStick device by sideloading it using Downloader. Proton VPN is an excellent choice because it offers free and premium services.

The process may seem long and winding but it should all be worth it. Note that when you use a VPN, you do not just give yourself protection from legal trouble but also you keep your streaming device and smart TV away from the hands of hackers. 

Plus, a VPN allows you to enjoy shows you love anywhere you desire. By adjusting your geo-location using a VPN, you can stream shows that are not available in your area giving you wider choices in the process. 

Undoubtedly, other free third-party VPN apps are also solid choices, but Proton VPN is guaranteed to be safe. We recommend trying popular VPN services like Surfshark, ExpressVPN, and NordVPN on your jailbroken FireStick device.

However, be warned. These premium VPN services require a monthly subscription and will not be free but may provide more reliable protection. 

These VPNs should be worth every penny you’ll spend on them to safeguard and improve your FireStick device’s streaming experience.

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