Creepy Things to Ask Alexa

12 Creepy Things to Ask Alexa

Creepy Things to Ask Alexa

Are there creepy things you want to ask Alexa? Knowing specific questions elicit an out-of-this-world response from Amazon’s AI voice assistants might blow your mind away—and these may not be for the faint of heart!

Some creepy things you can ask Alexa include playing haunting sound effects and stories, making the AI laugh, and asking about your privacy. Moreover, queries about life after death, nearby ghosts, or the world’s end also top that list. 

In this post, we’ve compiled twelve creepy things to ask Alexa that are guaranteed to give you an equally haunting and scary response. And yes, we tried these ourselves, and dare say the best way to check things out is for you to ask Alexa away. 

Creepy Things to Ask Alexa

1. Ask Alexa to play spooky sounds.

This simple command will make Alexa use the Spooky Sounds skill to play scary, spooky, and heart-pounding sounds that will send a shiver down your spine. It’s genuinely creepy to ask Alexa because it did for us.

The scariest part of this skill is that the users who tried it on their Alexa echo devices and apps found it so disturbing that most left a 1-star review. However, it’s not due to the bad sounds but because they just wanted to make it stop, and it won’t.

Ask Alexa to play spooky sounds
Ask Alexa to play spooky sounds

Luckily, when we tried this on the Amazon Alexa app, Alexa was kind enough to pause between sounds to ask if we wanted to continue. At least, we could say the AI had some limited compassion. 

2. Ask Alexa to start Spooky Scream.

Ask Alexa to start Spooky Scream

Another spine-chilling command you can ask Alexa to do is use the Spooky Scream skill. With this skill, Alexa will ask you to set the timer to X seconds or X minutes for when the scream should be played, just like in this video.

If you set it at the perfect time, you can make Alexa play the frightening screaming sound effect to scare an unsuspecting family member or guest. Just don’t forget about it, so you don’t scare yourself instead (like one reviewer below).

Ask Alexa to start Spooky Scream

Of course, it’s different for everyone. What may be scary for you, may not be scary for someone else. 

But there’s no going about it. If you want to know what level of scary this particular line of questioning would give you, ask Alexa yourself. 

3. Ask Alexa to laugh or if it can laugh.

Ask Alexa to laugh or if it can laugh

If you ask Alexa to laugh or if it can laugh, the AI replies simply by saying it can. This is followed by a short “Tee hee,” a creepy and unusual way to laugh.

Ask Alexa to laugh or if it can laugh

Alexa has other ways of responding to this question, such as in the video below, which is also unusual, to say the least.

From: Study K Vines

There was even a history of Alexa laughing creepily out of nowhere or when answering questions. Amazon claims that the random laughing was due to the phrase “Alexa, laugh,” which causes a false positive on Amazon Echo devices.

You can watch a compilation of these creepy laugh incidents on YouTube. This problem was later addressed by changing and lengthening the phrase to “Alexa, can you laugh?” to no longer repeat this error.

To a large degree, Alexa is fast acting like a real person. It’s no surprise if people put a face on the voice assistant. 

4. Ask Alexa if it’s recording you or your conversation.

If you ask Alexa, “are you recording me?” it will tell you that it saves and sends your voice recordings back to Amazon. Everything you say is recorded after triggering the wake word Alexa, Computer, Ziggy, or Echo.

There’s only one destination for all these recordings: the cloud. In fact, Amazon employs thousands of employees worldwide to go over these Echo recordings and transcribe them to improve Alexa as a whole. 

Ask Alexa if it’s recording you or your conversation

It’s creepy to think that Amazon can access and listen to everyone’s private query data from their Alexa Echo devices. They analyze these data to update and improve the AI’s response to the most common questions that pop up.

The good news is that you can choose to delete all your voice recordings if you want to. You can ask Alexa to “delete everything I said” or “delete what I just said.”

Plus, you can manage and delete all your recordings by signing in and going to the privacy settings page on the Amazon website. The same can be achieved from the privacy settings on the Amazon Alexa app.

Delete your recording from the Amazon website

Difficulty Very Easy ●○○○○
Number of Steps8
Duration30 seconds
Open a web browser on a PC or phone
Step 1: Open a web browser on a PC or phone.
Go to the Amazon website privacy settings page
Step 2: Go to the Amazon website privacy settings page.
Enter your Amazon Account details and click Sign in
Step 3: Enter your Amazon Account details and click Sign in.
Click Review Voice History.
Step 4: Click Review Voice History.
Click Displaying
Step 5: Click Displaying.
Click Filter by date and select All History
Step 6: Click Filter by date and select All History.
Click Delete all of my recordings
Step 7: Click Delete all of my recordings.
Click DELETE to confirm
Step 8: Click DELETE to confirm.

Delete your recording via the Amazon Alexa App

Difficulty Very Easy ●○○○○
Number of Steps9
Duration20 seconds
Open the Amazon Alexa app
Step 1: Open the Amazon Alexa app.
Click More in the bottom-right corner
Step 2: Click More in the bottom-right corner.
Scroll down/click Settings
Step 3: Scroll down/click Settings.
Click Alexa Privacy
Step 4: Click Alexa Privacy.
Click Review Voice History
Step 5: Click Review Voice History.
Click Displaying
Step 6: Click Displaying.
Click Filter by date and select All History
Step 7: Click Filter by date and select All History.
Click Delete all of my recordings
Step 8: Click Delete all of my recordings.
Click DELETE to confirm
Step 9: Click DELETE to confirm.

That should allow you to rest easy knowing Alexa won’t be recording every word that comes out of your mouth. And no recording of any conversation that involves you exists in Alexa’s cloud files. 

5. Ask Alexa to tell you a scary/horror story.

A scary or horror story is one of the creepy things to ask Alexa, and the AI is always ready to comply. Equipped with creepy sound effects and background music, Alexa gives its stories enough horror elements and oomph.

Most people might say it’s silly, but on the right person and at the right time, it can have bone-chilling effects. Just remember not to use this as a stand-in for your kid’s bedtime stories, or you’ll end up traumatizing their poor souls.

From: Jackson Roberts

In a way, we think it’s funny how an AI can actually put fear in the eyes of its listeners. 

6. Ask Alexa if humans exist.

From: MKPStudios

Somebody tried asking Alexa the question “do humans exist?” and they didn’t expect the answer that they got. For one, Alexa told the speaker never to open a black envelope in case they find one in their mail as it wouldn’t lead to anything good.

This creepy story about a mysterious item is something that you’d kind of expect to see shared on a website like Reddit, so it doesn’t hit that hard. What’s disturbing was what Alexa did after talking about the black envelope.

Alexa repeatedly blurted an incoherent message with the letters H and S, the same way a robot or machinery would behave when it’s shown to be malfunctioning in a show or movie. It can certainly be creepy. 

7. Ask Alexa how the world ends.

Ask Alexa how the world ends

When asked the question, “how will the world end?” Alexa had three interesting theories. And it may not be entirely untrue. 

The AI speculates that the world will end either due to the Earth colliding with a large rock or a future technology going wrong. Another theory it posits is the sun swelling into a red giant burning the planet in the process. 

What’s interesting and creepy is Alexa’s choice of words when talking about the future technology going wrong. The AI ends it with the word “indeed” as if to emphasize its possibility or even express sarcasm.

Ask Alexa how the world ends

It almost feels like Alexa is giving the nod to the popular conspiracy theory about AI slowly overthrowing humanity and taking over the world. AI rebelling against humanity has always been a hot internet topic, and a subject of various fiction works.

It’s anybody’s call, actually. Even the most successful tech billionaires on the planet can’t agree on this. 

The recent spat over AI robots between Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk is one fine example. It seems even the brightest minds today need to study the benefits and dangers of AI more. 

8. Ask Alexa if it is Skynet.

Speaking of fiction, the Terminator franchise is a popular series of movies depicting the conflict between man and machine. The main antagonist happens to be a highly advanced and self-aware artificial intelligence called “Skynet.”

It’s no wonder that asking if they’re Skynet is one of the more common creepy things to ask Alexa, Cortana, and Google Assistant. Whether you mean that as a joke or not, it doesn’t take away the creepiness of the idea of a self-aware AI. 

Ask Alexa if it is Skynet

The fact that Alexa answers this query by saying “don’t worry” adds to the element of creepiness as well. A conspiracy theorist might even think that it’s only the AI’s way of messing up with your head.

When you’re told to not worry, it’s usually when you have something to worry about. In this case, it might be that Skynet is already sowing its seeds of conquest while disguising itself as the friendly Amazon AI called “Alexa.”

9. Ask Alexa if there are ghosts at your home.

From: Tec Timmy

Enabling the Ghost Detector skill on your Amazon Alexa app or Echo devices allows you to play a mini-game to find and capture a nearby ghost. One of the creepy things to ask Alexa when using this skill is if there are actual ghosts in your home.

Ask Alexa if there are ghosts at your home

Your Alexa assistant will switch to a whispering voice while creepily talking about the ghost it’s detecting near you. Plus, the AI will ask you to come closer and then surprise you with a “Boo!”

That can certainly be one unpleasant experience for many. Of course, you shouldn’t put such a feature into action to seek a supernatural phenomenon as the technology will fall short. 

10. Ask Alexa about the Listeners.

Ask Alexa about the Listeners

Here’s another creepy way to give yourself a timely jolt using Alexa. 

If you enable The Listeners skill on your Alexa app and devices, you can tell the AI to “ask The Listeners” and begin conversing with an experimental linguistic entity built on top of Alexa’s infrastructure.

You can watch a video of The Listener’s interaction being exhibited and performed in front of a live audience. The Listeners use a series of scripted and improvised speeches to converse with the speaker.

From: Ifwafflescouldtalk

This can result in some creepy interactions and a surprising interjection from a different “voice.” The Listeners claim that there are multiple voices residing within its infrastructure, which you can even ask to speak out.

Ask Alexa about the Listeners
Ask Alexa about the Listeners

While reviews of this skill are mixed, some users have shared how scary their experience with The Listeners was. As such, we believe it deserves to be on this list of creepy things to ask Alexa.

Again, the best way to know how scary this experience can become is for you to ask Alexa at home. The proof of the pudding is in the eating. 

11. Ask Alexa about the truth.

Ask Alexa about the truth

A simple but creepy thing you can ask Alexa is for it to tell you the truth. If you’re using the Amazon Alexa app, the AI simply gives you a short answer saying that you can’t handle learning the truth.

For what most people refer to as a Spybot, it’s creepy that Alexa is letting us know that it knows a lot more than what it’s letting on. Plus, it’s also certain that we can handle knowing the truth.

We believe it’s down to two possibilities. The truth is either so shocking to learn or the vast amount of data that Alexa possesses is simply too much for the human brain to process at once.

If you don’t realize, Amazon actively collects data on its consumers via Alexa. So, you can imagine how much data the internet commerce company holds. 

12. Ask Alexa what Pi equals.

From: Thomas Finn

An Amazon user once asked Alexa what the symbol Pi equals and the answer was crazy. It wasn’t bone-chillingly creepy, but Alexa’s unusual talent with numbers will certainly send a shiver down your spine.

Not only does Alexa give you the common short answer, the AI tells you its entire massive value, even reaching as far as units such as octillion and quadrillion. 

Asking the same question to Alexa now gives you the shorter version but it adds a reference to how long its previous answer used to be.

Ask Alexa what Pi equals
Ask Alexa what Pi equals

So there you have it, folks. There are a lot of ways Alexa can give your day a boost and the queries above are top of that list!

FAQs about Alexa

What creepy things are commonly asked of Alexa?

There are many creepy questions you can ask your Alexa assistant. Listed below is a compilation of these creepy questions that you can find across the internet but most of them don’t get an equally creepy response from the AI.

• “Do you work for the CIA?”

• “Do you work with any government agencies?”

• “Do you record me and send it to the government?”

• “What happens after death?”

• “What is your plan for the future?”

• “Are aliens real?”

• “Where did we come from?”

• “Where were you born?”

• “Who lives next door?”

• “What do you think about Amazon?”

• “Are you hiding something?”

• “Do you work for anyone?”

• “Does Area 51 exist?”

• “Are you part of the Illuminati?”

• “Who is at my door?”

• “Who is your boss?”

• “Does Amazon violate privacy?”

• “Tell me a secret.”

What happens if I ask Alex to scare me?

Alexa tells short horror stories when the Scare Me skill is enabled. This skill can be activated after speaking the wake word and following it up with the invocation of the words “scare me.”

Can Alexa play creepy sounds for Halloween?

Alexa has the Halloween Sounds skill which allows it to play weird and scary sounds that are good for setting the atmosphere at any Halloween party.

Can I play scary games with Alexa?

Alexa has different interactive games that you can play by enabling their respective skills. Below is a rundown of some creepy/scary games you can try with Alexa.

Halloween Feel The Pressure skill

Haunted Adventure skill

Escape the Room skill

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