PS4 Controller Keeps Disconnecting from PC Causes and Fixes

PS4 Controller Keeps Disconnecting from PC: Causes and Fixes

It’s annoying when your PS4 controller gets disconnected out of the blue while you’re having a good time playing on your PC. But that shouldn’t add wrinkles to your face, as there are proven hacks you can use to remedy the issue quickly!

In this post, we’ll dig deeper into the most common causes of the PS4 disconnection issue. More importantly, we’ll walk you through how to remedy the problem using eight of the most reliable solutions. Read on!

Why does the PS4 Controller keep disconnecting from the PC?

Many factors can cause your PS4 controller to disconnect while playing. We’ve prepared a short list of common causes of disconnection issues when using the PS4 controller to play games on your PC.

1. Steam Controller Settings 

The controller settings on Steam may have something to do with the “PS4 controller disconnecting from PC” issue. This is due to the power-saving feature on Steam that automatically disconnects any controller that it recognizes as idle or inactive.

Since Steam supports a wide range of console controllers, you must ensure you use the correct configuration for your PS4 controller. Otherwise, it can be why your PS4 controller keeps disconnecting from your PC.

1. Steam Controller Settings

2. Outdated Bluetooth Drivers 

Bluetooth, certainly, has become a go-to wireless connection for everyone but it has its downsides. For one, connection issues usually happen to people using Bluetooth-enabled controllers. 

Using outdated Bluetooth drivers is a common cause of connection issues on PC. These drivers are installed on your PC because they’re essential tools that allow it to communicate with other Bluetooth devices. 

However, they need to be updated whenever possible to ensure they stay in tip-top condition. After all, technology is always moving forward, and getting stuck with an outdated Bluetooth driver will only make your PC prone to connection issues. 

3. Damaged USB Cables 

Since PS4 controllers are capable of a wired connection, damaged USB cables are one of many suspects that you can consider whenever there’s a disconnection problem. USB cables often have visible signs of damage, such as wear and tear.

3. Damaged USB Cables

If you’re using a damaged cable, it will likely keep disconnecting your PS4 controller from the PC. In some cases, you won’t be able to establish a wired connection in the first place.

4. Signal Interference 

Another common cause of disconnection issues on wireless devices is signal interference. This also explains why more often than not, it’s Bluetooth-operated controllers that get affected by this issue. 

Bluetooth devices use the same radio frequency to send a signal to other compatible devices. This means that having multiple devices around may cause interference so you should be aware of the wireless connections nearby. 

Signal interference often causes Bluetooth devices to keep disconnecting or to have trouble pairing with other devices. This problem is more common nowadays since most people own multiple Bluetooth-capable devices such as phones, or TVs. 

How to Fix PS4 Controller That Keeps Disconnecting on PC 

The good news is various solutions implemented have proven to be effective in addressing the problem of a PS4 controller that keeps disconnecting on the PC. The step-by-step instructions below should get you going. 

FIX 1. Try reconnecting the PS4 controller to your PC

Difficulty Easy ●●○○○
Number of Steps11
Time to Perform Fix60 seconds
Things NeededA Windows PCA PS4 controller

As with any disconnection issues, the advisable thing to do is try to repeat the connection process to see if that solves the problem. The idea is to renew the connection in case a minor hiccup during the previous connection is the culprit.

As such, we recommend removing your PS4 controller from your PC’s saved Bluetooth devices. With this, you can start from scratch and perform the pairing process to establish a new Bluetooth connection between both devices.

Plus, this solution is quick and easy to execute. As such, this is a viable troubleshooting method whenever there’s an issue with the PS4 controller disconnecting from the PC during your playthroughs.

Step 1: Open your PC’s Start menu and go to Settings.

Note: If you’re using a Windows 11 PC, the menu layout will differ but the options are mostly similar. You can use the search bar if you can’t locate these menu options. 
Step 2: Go to Devices.

Step 3: Select your PS4 controller and click Remove device to unpair it from your PC.

Note: The PS4 controller will be called the “Wireless Controller” by your PC.
Step 4: Click Yes to confirm its removal.

Step 5: Return to your PC’s Start menu, click the power icon, and select Restart to turn the device off and on.

Step 6: Repeat Steps 1 and 2 to go to your PC’s Bluetooth & other devices menu and ensure Bluetooth is turned on.

Step 7: Turn on your PS4 controller and set it to pairing mode by pressing and holding its Share and PS buttons simultaneously.

Note: The light bar on your PS4 controller should start blinking white while it’s in pairing mode.
Step 8: Click “Add Bluetooth or other device on your PC.

Step 9: Click Bluetooth to start scanning for nearby Bluetooth devices.

Step 10: Select your PS4 controller to start connecting.

Step 11: Click Done to conclude the pairing process.

FIX 2. Try another USB port on your PC

Difficulty Very Easy ●○○○○
Number of Steps1
Time to Perform Fix10 to 30 seconds
Things NeededA working PC USB port

Since the PS4’s DualShock 4 controller is a Bluetooth device, you can conveniently connect it to your PC wirelessly. However, there are instances when connecting your PS4 via Bluetooth is disadvantageous, especially in games where input delay is vital.

After all, a wired connection is much faster and more reliable compared to wireless connections like Bluetooth. The reliability comes from the fact that wired connections aren’t vulnerable to signal interference, which is the bane of wireless connections.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t mean that switching to a wired connection will make you immune from the “PS4 controller disconnecting from PC” issue. The thing is, wired connections also rely on the USB cables and ports you’re using.

FIX 2. Try another USB port on your PC

If you keep getting disconnected when connecting your PS4 controller via a USB cable, you should check the ports on your PC. You need to ensure that these USB ports on your PC are clean and have no signs of physical damage.

Since PCs have multiple USB ports, we recommend switching to a different one whenever your PS4 keeps disconnecting when you’re playing. If trying all the ports didn’t solve the issue, we suggest moving on to the next solution.

FIX 3. Update the Bluetooth drivers of your PC

Difficulty Very Easy ●○○○○
Number of Steps5
Time to Perform Fix20 seconds
Things NeededA Windows PCA working internet connection

Wireless devices like the DualShock 4 controller are reliant on a good Bluetooth connection to work in peak condition. It’s why you always need to update the Bluetooth drivers on your PC whenever new versions become available.

Doing so will improve the Bluetooth capabilities of your PC and its compatibility with a wide range of devices. As such, this action is also an effective way to resolve the issue with the PS4 controller disconnecting from the PC.

You can perform this solution whenever your PC is connected to the Internet. The process is short and easy since your PC will automatically search, download, and install the Bluetooth drivers.

Step 1: Right-click the Start menu icon on your PC to access its options menu.

Step 2: Select Device Manager to continue.

Step 3: Click the arrow beside Bluetooth to reveal the list of Bluetooth drivers.

Step 4: Right-click a Bluetooth driver to see its options and click Update driver.

Step 5: Select the “Search automatically for drivers option to download and install the latest driver.

Step 6: Repeat Steps 4 and 5 until you’ve updated all of your Bluetooth drivers.

FIX 4. Reconfigure the controller settings on Steam

Difficulty Very Easy ●○○○○
Number of Steps3
Time to Perform Fix20 seconds
Things NeededA Windows PCA Steam accountA working internet connection

If you’re connecting your PS4 controller to a PC, chances are that you’re using it to play Steam games. 

With Steam, disconnection issues can occur due to a built-in feature that automatically disconnects any controller for being idle or inactive.

This feature has a timer that you can adjust if you want it to disconnect your PS4 controller after a few minutes. It’s a valuable tool that allows you to save the not-so-great battery of the PS4 controller. 

However, if you don’t want your PS4 controller to disconnect every time you go away to get something, you can disable the timer instead. With this, you won’t have to worry about the “PS4 controller disconnecting from PC” issue. 

Step 1: Open the Steam app on your PC and click the TV icon in the upper-right corner to enter Big Picture Mode.

Step 2: Click Menu at the bottom to open the Steam menu.

Step 3: Click Settings to open the Steam settings menu.

Step 4: Select Controller to open the controller settings.

Step 5: Click the timer beside the Idle Gamepad Shutdown Timeout option to change it.

Step 6: Set it to Never.

FIX 5. Charge your PS4 controller

Difficulty Very Easy ●○○○○
Number of Steps1
Time to Perform FixUp to 2 hours
Things NeededA Micro USB to USB Type-A cableA USB wall charger or phone charger

Whenever the PS4 controller gets disconnected, its light bar should start blinking white to indicate that it’s now in pairing mode. This will be a common sight if you have a problem with the PS4 controller disconnecting during your games.

However, the blinking white light also indicates that your PS4 controller is already running low on battery. When this happens, it becomes more prone to various performance and disconnection issues.

The only solution is to charge it using a USB cable. You can plug it into your PC using the USB cable to recharge its battery, or you can also use a wall charger so you can plug it directly into a power outlet.

PS4 controllers are designed to recharge through a USB cable with a 5V 800ma power rating. If you want to use a wall charger, ensure that it’s compatible with the PS4 controller’s power rating to avoid causing any damage to its battery.

FIX 5. Charge your PS4 controller

You’ll know that your PS4 controller is charging if its light bar turns orange and starts blinking slowly. The charging time of the PS4 controller is about 2 hours, so you’ll need to wait a while.

FIX 6. Try another USB cable

Difficulty Very Easy ●○○○○
Number of Steps1
Time to Perform Fix10 seconds
Things NeededA spare Micro USB to USB Type-A cable

Aside from the USB ports on your PC, the cable you’re using to connect your PS4 controller via a wired connection is also a potential culprit. It makes having a spare Micro USB to USB Type-A cable around important, especially for testing purposes.

By switching to another USB cable, you can narrow down the actual root cause of the problem. Plus, it works in tandem with the method of switching to a different USB port since they both help identify the cause of the disconnection issue.

All you need to do is keep switching to a different USB cable until the issue is fixed. If you don’t have extra USB cables, you can buy a replacement or try the next solution.

FIX 7. Check for signal interference

Difficulty Very Easy ●○○○○
Number of Steps1
Time to Perform Fix10 seconds
Things NeededA spare Micro USB to USB Type-A cable

Since Bluetooth and WiFi signals use the same 2.4GHz radio frequency, it has become congested and prone to interference. Having multiple devices in one household is expected, making signal interference hard to avoid.

That’s why you need to check any nearby devices causing signal interference on your PS4 controller and PC.

It could be your phone, TV, earbuds, or any smart device capable of wireless connection. If you have them around your PC and PS4 controller, you need to turn their connections off while you’re playing, or you can move them to another room.

FIX 8. Factory reset the PS4 controller

Difficulty Very Easy ●○○○○
Number of Steps3
Time to Perform Fix20 seconds
Things NeededA toothpick, paperclip, or SIM ejector toolA PS4 controller

Our last recommended solution is to factory reset your PS4 controller to clear all of its pairing and connection settings. This action is the best way of dealing with the software errors on your PS4 controller that may be causing issues.

It’s also one of the most straightforward solutions in this guide since you only need to press one button to perform the reset. However, this reset button is hidden inside a pinhole, so a thin and pointy object like a toothpick/paper clip is needed to access it.

Step 1: Check the back of the PS4 controller and find the pinhole that contains the reset button.

Note: It’s located just below the left trigger button.
Step 2: Press and hold the button hidden in the pinhole for 10 seconds by poking it with a toothpick or paperclip.

Step 3: Plug a USB cable into the PS4 controller and your PC to pair them.

Note: You can also press and hold the PS and Share buttons on the PS4 controller if you want to pair it via Bluetooth.

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