How to Fix the Overheating Issue on OnePlus 8 Series Phone

How to Fix the Overheating Issue on OnePlus 8 Series Phone

With the smartphone becoming an indispensable gadget that we use daily, it can be quite frustrating if it stops working suddenly because of issues like overheating. I myself would certainly feel that way if my smartphone ceases up on me due to overheating. 

I did my due diligence to find out the tips to prevent my One Plus 8 phone from overheating on me and I’m sharing what I learned with you. I did the hard work, so you won’t have to!

If your OnePlus 8 is overheating, the first thing you can do is restart your phone. A reboot can help stop some of the applications running in the background, making the phone processor struggle, and causing it to overheat.   

If that does not solve the problem, here are some other fixes you can try to solve your OnePlus 8’s overheating issue. We’ve compiled six easy fixes that will help your phone get its cool back within the hour!

DifficultyEasy ●●○○○
Duration5 minutes to 1 hour
Number of Ways6
Things You NeedOne Plus 8 phone and access

1. Change the protective casing

Difficulty LevelEasy ●●○○○
Duration30 minutes to 1 hour
Number of Steps1
Things You NeedPhone, recommended protective casing, working area

A common reason for an overheating OnePlus 8 is the additional phone case or protective cover attached to it. 

While it can help provide an added level of protection from fall or force damage, it can sometimes interfere with vents aiding the phone’s cooling system, preventing the heat from dispersing quickly. 

With this in mind, try removing your phone’s protective cover and check if that helps reduce the instances of your phone overheating. If you notice some improvements, then you may need to change the cover for your OnePlus 8 Series phone.

2. Avoid using your OnePlus 8 phone under direct sunlight

Difficulty LevelEasy ●●○○○
Duration1 to 5 minutes
Number of Steps1 to 2
Things You NeedCool, shady area

Using your smartphone under direct sunlight can increase its temperature. When done over long periods, it can cause the device to overheat.

You can prevent your OnePlus 8 from overheating by using or storing it somewhere cool and away from direct sunlight. 

3. Stop all unnecessary apps running in the background 

Difficulty LevelModerate ●●●○○
Duration5 to 15 minutes
Number of Ways3
Things You NeedPhone, Settings access

When your One Plus 8 has many applications running at the same time, it can put quite a strain on your phone’s hardware. This can cause your phone to overheat with the processor working very hard to handle all the functions at the same time.

You can prevent this by stopping unnecessary apps from running in the background. There are two ways you can go about this:

Here’s how to disable those unnecessary apps: 

  • Tap on Settings on the App Drawer
  • Select and tap on Apps & Notifications
  • Select each app that you want to stop
  • Press on Force Stop
Stop all unnecessary apps running in the background
Stop all unnecessary apps running in the background-2

Here’s how to stop apps running in the background:

  • In Navigation Gestures (if activated), swipe up from the bottom edge of the screen  and then pause
  • If you prefer using the virtual Navigation Bar at the bottom screen instead of gestures, tap on the Recents, or the “⬛” button. 
  • Cards of apps that are currently running in the background will appear. Select ones you wish to close
  • Close the apps by swiping each card up 
  • You can also tap on Clear All, to close all in one go. 
You can also tap on Clear All, to close all in one go. 
You can also tap on Clear All, to close all in one go.-2

There are services that you may not currently be using but remain running in your OnePlus 8 Series phone like Bluetooth, GPS, 5G, WiFi, NFC, etc. These services can also cause your phone to overheat by adding strain to the processor.

Here are the steps to stop system services running in the background:

  • Tap on Settings on the App Drawer  
  • You can also access the Quick Settings by swiping down on the Homescreen
  • The general menu will show the different services like Bluetooth, WiFi, Mobile Data, etc. and indicate if they are turned on
  • Select the services that you don’t need and turn them off by tapping each button
Select the services that you don’t need and turn them off by tapping each button

4. Adjust OnePlus 8 display settings

Difficulty LevelEasy ●●○○○
Completion Time2 minutes
Number of Steps3

Another possible cause of your OnePlus 8 overheating may be associated with the display settings you use. Setting and locking your screen brightness to max levels can add to the workload of the smartphone’s processor and contribute to its overheating problem. 

  • Tap on Settings on the App Drawer  
  • Tap on Display
  • You can then lower the brightness levels manually from the slider bar that appears
Adjust OnePlus 8 display settings
Adjust OnePlus 8 display settings-2
Adjust OnePlus 8 display settings-3

You can also check and enable the Adaptive Brightness box if you prefer a more convenient option. This feature automatically adjusts the brightness levels of your OnePlus 8 according to the ambient light conditions. 

5. Keep your OnePlus 8 applications updated

Difficulty LevelModerate ●●●○○
Completion Time15 minutes to 1 hour
Number of Steps4
Things You NeedPhone, Google Play account access

Outdated apps can also sometimes cause your phone to overheat. Aside from using your phone’s system resources, the unfixed bugs can lead to system errors in the background that can strain the processor and cause it to heat up unnecessarily. 

  • Go to the Google Play Store to check for recent updates on an app
  • Tap on ” ≡ ” to open your Google Play account menu
  • Tap on My apps and games to see if there are updates available for your apps
  • Select Update All or check those boxes for each app under the Manage tab to update apps one by one. 
Keep your OnePlus 8 applications updated
Keep your OnePlus 8 applications updated-2

6. Check your OnePlus 8 battery if it needs replacement

Difficulty LevelEasy ●●○○○
Completion Time< 1 minute
Things You NeedPhone, OnePlus Diagnostic app

A malfunctioning or defective battery can also be a reason why your OnePlus 8 is overheating. The battery itself may not be able to sustain certain functions because it does not provide the required power to the phone.

In connection with this, the use of an incompatible charging accessory may contribute to damage to your phone’s battery. Not only will a defective charger harm your phone battery, but it can also sometimes damage the phone itself.

Using the approved phone charger can help prevent your One Plus 8 series phone from overheating. If the problem is a defective battery, your phone may require a battery replacement.    

  • Download OnePlus Diagnostic app and launch it
  • Tap View Battery Status
  • Look for Battery state. This will show the current max charge capability of your OnePlus 8 battery.

Note: If Serious Loss is indicated, it means that you need a battery replacement.

Wrapping It Up

In conclusion, if you have an overheating OnePlus 8 series phone, it pays to find out what causes it and get the necessary fixes highlighted above before you replace your phone outright. 

It may help you avoid spending more on a new smartphone when there’s a chance your OnePlus 8 is fixable.

FAQs about Fixing the Overheating Issue on the OnePlus 8 Series 

What happens when my OnePlus 8 overheats?

When your phone overheats, you begin to experience issues with your phone’s performance or can suddenly shut down without any warning. 

Even worse, increased temperatures for long periods can cause damage to the phone processor and other important components over time.

How do I stop my OnePlus 8 from overheating?

Here are some of the different ways you can try to stop your OnePlus 8 from overheating: 

  1. Change your phone case.
  2. Keep your phone away from direct sunlight.
  3. Stop running unnecessary background apps.
  4. Adjust your phone’s display settings.
  5. Keep apps updated.
  6. Have your phone battery checked for defects.

How do I check the temperature on my OnePlus 8?

You can use the phone’s built-in sensor to check the internal temperature of your phone or install a third-party app like CPU-Z to get that information for you.

Why is my phone heating too much?

The bulky protective casing can prevent the phone from dissipating the heat it generates efficiently. Another reason is when the phone processor undergoes strain due to the number of processes it needs to complete.

Does OnePlus 8 have a cooling system?

The OnePlus 8 has an integrated cooling pipe that dissipates the heat away from the processor to prevent overheating. 

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