SO Player for Firestick Download, Install and Setup Guide

SO Player for Firestick: Download, Install and Setup Guide

Why pay for movies on your FireStick when the SO Player app can let you have them at zero cost? 

Instead of paying for entertainment from NetFlix, YouTube TV, and ESPN, installing SO Player on FireStick means having access to movies, sports channels, and VODs from hundreds of IPTV providers at a fraction of the cost. 

If you own a FireStick device, read on as we’ll show you how to get it done in under 5 minutes!

What is SO Player?

SO Player is a leading IPTV player app that’s all free. While IPTV players do not have their own digital content to stream, they can play boatloads of movies and TV shows from hundreds of IPTV providers from all over the planet. 

WARNING: Use a VPN when using SO Player. While making the most of the media player is totally legal, streaming content from IPTV services can make you subject to copyright issues and a target to hackers. 

It is essential that you obtain login details from your choice of IPTV providers so you can integrate them with SO Player. Top-rated reviews online should make your selection easier and lead you the way in this regard.  

So, what are we waiting for? Let’s get right to it!

How to Download SO Player on FireStick

Download SO Player on FireStick through a process called ‘sideloading,’ where the APK file is installed on the device using the Downloader app. The next step is adjusting the settings menu so third-party apps can be installed. 

Here are the detailed steps to download SO Player on any Firestick device:

1. Put the Downloader app into action.

  • Go to Home and tap on the Find menu
Put the Downloader app into action
  • Tap on the Search Option.
Search So Player
  • Key in Downloader on the virtual keyboard that appears.
  • Click on the orange logo app with the big down arrow. 
Downloader App with Arrow
  • Download the app.

Now that you’ve downloaded the downloader file, prepare the way for the SO Player installation and that means adjusting FireStick Settings to accept the third-party app. 

2. Adjust FireStick settings.

  • Go to FireStick Home. Press Home on the remote.
  • Click the Settings gear. 
  • Find the My Fire TV menu and tap on it. 
  • Choose Developer Options
  • Toggle the Apps from Unknown Sources to on. 
Install Unknown Apps

Now, you’re all set to let the SO Player in — and for that matter, any other third-party app which means you’re not limited to the standard apps on Amazon. You’ve opened yourself up to a whole new world!

How to Install SO Player on Firestick

Your instinct may tell you to search for the Downloader app on Firestick. Don’t bother as you won’t find any shortcut for the app. 

Instead, follow the steps below to seek the Downloader app and know how to install SO Player on Firestick and get things going. 

  • Go to the Apps menu and tap on it. 
  • Find the Downloader app and open it. 
Downloader app Install Menu
Downloader app
URL Link SO Player
  • Click on Go to download SO Player APK. 
download SO Player APK
  • Click on Install to embed the APK into FireStick. 
  • Once successfully installed, delete the APK file to free FireStick memory storage. 
SO Player app installed
Deleting the APK

Deleting the APK file is wise as it is unnecessary for the app to function. FireStick devices usually come with about 8GB of memory, so deleting unwanted files prevents them from filling up your storage and slowing down your device.

How to Set up the SO Player on Firestick

In this section, you will know how to set up the SO Player app so that it becomes an app you can easily pull up anytime. Remember that since it is one part of your list, you just need to do some rearranging to put things in order. 

Follow the step-by-step guide below to get this going in a cinch. 

  • Tap on the Home button of your FireStick remote. 
  • Tap on the Apps menu to open it.  
  • Locate the SO Player app but don’t click it.
SO Player app
  • Press the Options button (treeline) on your FireStick remote. 
Options button
  • Select Move to front from the list of options.
Move to Font
  • Hit the Home button again to see the app listed on top. 
Home button So Player

If you’re getting excited, you should be. All you have to do now is to log into your SO Player on FireStick to start enjoying bazillion shows from all over the planet. 

How to Log In to So Player on Firestick

Now that you know how to incorporate the SO Player into FireStick, it’s time we get things moving – and that means activating the SO Player.

Choose an IPTV Service Provider

Take note that the SO Player doesn’t have its own content and therefore you need to subscribe to a host of IPTV services available out there before you can stream content. 

It’s pretty simple. If you haven’t subscribed to any IPTV services available online then you can’t start cozying up to your sofa to start your movie marathons even when you’ve incorporated the SO Player into your FireStick. 

The good news is there are tons and tons of IPTV services available over the internet and the list can be endless. Many of these are free, and you can check out services like Pluto TV, Redbull TV, and Xumo, among others for this.

Alternatively, you can go ahead and subscribe to some of these services as they won’t charge as much as top brands. Just remember though, it’s risky opening your wallet or your credit card to a yearly subscription plan as these companies could fold.

As vast as the services being offered, your provider could run into copyright complications. A good rule of thumb, therefore, is to pay on a monthly basis.

Some of these IPTV services will insist that you use their IPTV player. You should just ignore the request and stick to using SO Player as not only is it free but also it is a proven bleeding-edge technology that has left its mark on an army of movie buffs.

To log into the SO Player app, follow the steps below for the best results. 

  • Open the SO Player app
So Player
  • Avail of any app updates if available. 
  • Install the updated version (if any) and open the app again. 
updated version
  • Once the SO Player home screen is up, you have three options: Refresh, Username/Password, and Pin code.
Refresh, UsernamePassword, and Pin code
  • Log in using the subscriber data from your choice IPTV service (i.e., Username/Password, Pin Code). 
So Player Login
Provider Identifier
  • Once you’ve provided the details, click on Submit
SO Player Pin Code

An email is usually the SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) for most IPTV service providers. This is where your freedom of choice really comes in as you can choose which IPTV service fits you best without shedding precious dollars. 

How to Use the SO Player on FireStick

While it is not officially available on the Amazon App Store, the use and download of SO Player is legal and should not raise any concern from its end-users. However, the same thing might not be true about some IPTV service providers.

It is very inconvenient to keep on tracking whether the content your IPTV service provider is streaming to you is licensed. Depending on your region, some content may be illegal to stream, or a specific media outlet may own the exclusive rights.

This is exactly why using a VPN is spot on. 

Once you’ve entered your IPTV provider credentials, then you can have your first taste of SO Player-introduced video content. 

Follow the steps below to navigate in your SO Player environment. 

  • Once you’re in the SO Player, you have the following options:  TV, Catchup, EPG, Info, and Movies
  • Click the TV option to check out the IPTV channels available for you. 
  • Choose category options located on the left (e.g., genres)
  • Use the Movies option to start watching on-demand content. 
  • Use the search option to zero in on a fave movie. 
  • Click on the EPG (Electronic Programming Guide) to zoom in on the channels available from your IPTV service subscription. 
EPG Channel

Now you can fully enjoy the magic of IPTV, the future of television. 

Unlike cable TV, you won’t have to follow a program schedule and can choose what shows to watch and when to watch them. In a way, it’s like having Netflix, HBO Max, and Disney+ premium content on the cheap.  

The Many Advantages of Installing SO Player

If you’re still on the fence about why you should install SO Player, here’s a list of advantages you get with the app compared to other IPTV players in town: 

  • Catch-up functionality
  • Compatible with VPN
  • EPG functionality
  • Free-to-use
  • Parental controls
  • Supports multiple playlists
  • Supports a massive range of devices
  • User-friendly interface

Unlike other IPTV players, SO Player offers more streamlined features and a more flexible streaming experience thanks to its compatibility with a wide range of devices and different IPTV services.

Oh, and by the way, let’s not forget the SO Player isn’t confined to Fire TV Stick and the Amazon environment. You can use it in just about any smart device on the planet today, from your PC to your Android TV and smartphone. 

Wrapping Things Up

Knowing how to install SO Player on FireStick need not be a tall order. With the steps above, you should be able to enjoy the wonderful world of endless streaming in a matter of minutes. 

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