Why isn’t Vizio SmartCast working [Quick Fixes]

Why isn’t Vizio SmartCast working? [Quick Fixes]

Showing personal content is easy with SmartCast on your Vizio TV, but you could lose your cool and eventually lose bragging rights when the feature is down. Indeed, you don’t want everyone waiting for the TV to perform to squirm in their seats. 

But there’s no need for this inconvenience to last. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the common reasons why this happens and, more importantly, show you four workarounds to troubleshoot the issue so you can get those family events out. 

Why can’t I connect to Vizio SmartCast? 

Vizio SmartCast not working is usually caused by internet issues. Additionally, you could have misconfigured your TV settings or run into issues with the SmarCast app and may need to download the latest updates. 

How to Fix Vizio SmartCast When It’s Not Working 

To fix the issue with Vizio SmartCast not working, restart your TV. Do this by navigating to the Vizio TV settings menu > System > Reset & Admin > Reboot the TV and wait for the device to complete the restart.

Here are all the proven and tested troubleshooting tricks for fixing a faulty Vizio TV SmartCast, complete with step-by-step instructions.

FIX 1. Restart the TV 

Difficulty Very Easy ●○○○○
Number of Steps4
Time to Perform Fix40 seconds
Things NeededA Vizio smart TV
A Vizio TV remote control

The simplest solution to a SmartCast that’s not working would be restarting your Vizio TV. Doing so will help refresh your Vizio TV’s system memory, correcting any minor bugs and errors causing SmartCast to fail.

Since the built-in SmartCast feature on Vizio TVs often succumbs to software errors, restarting the device will be a quick and easy remedy. Unfortunately, this solution will only work if a minor bug or error causes the Vizio SmartCast to malfunction.

However, it won’t hurt to try restarting your Vizio TV as your first course of action, considering how easy this is to execute. Also, restarting your Vizio TV helps improve its speed and performance, which will be invaluable when troubleshooting issues.

After all, anything that can enhance your Vizio TV’s working conditions is vital to the troubleshooting process.

Step 1: Press Menu on the Vizio remote control to access the settings menu on your TV.

Step 2: Go to System.

Step 3: Go to “Reset & Admin.”

Step 4: Select Reboot TV and wait while the device restarts its system.

Note: The restart sequence should clear the cache storage on your Vizio TV. Aside from system errors, this method will help address misbehaving apps and features.

FIX 2. Restart the router/modem 

Difficulty Very Easy ●○○○○
Number of Steps6
Time to Perform Fix2 minutes and 20 seconds
Things NeededA WiFi router and modem
Working ethernet cables
Working power cords
A working power outlet

As mentioned, internet connectivity issues are the most common reason SmartCast isn’t working. Your Vizio TV requires internet access to establish a reliable connection with the mobile devices where you’ve installed the app.

Without a solid internet connection, your mobile devices can’t connect to your Vizio TV, causing the SmartCast feature to fail. As such, it’s essential to maintain a fast and stable internet connection when using a SmartCast Vizio TV.

You must restart your WiFi routers and modems whenever you have a sluggish or faulty internet connection. Doing so will help refresh your WiFi network and correct connectivity issues preventing your Vizio TV from using SmartCast effectively.

Check the WiFi connection on your Vizio TV by performing a network test under its network settings menu. Navigate to the Vizio TV settings menu > Network > Test Connection to check if your WiFi router and modem need a quick restart.

Step 1: Unplug your WiFi modem’s ethernet cable and power cord.

Step 2: Unplug your WiFi router’s ethernet cable and power cord.

Step 3: Allow both WiFi devices to shut down their systems completely by unplugging them for around two minutes.
Step 4: Plug in the WiFi modem’s ethernet cable and power cord.

Step 5: Plug in the WiFi router’s ethernet cable and power cord.

Step 6: Wait for both WiFi devices to boot up and check if their LED lights will turn on.

Note: WiFi routers and modems have globe icons that glow green or white when they connect to the Internet. Also, the WiFi icon on these devices should glow a solid green for your Vizio TV to connect to their network without issues.

If restarting your WiFi router and modem doesn’t fix your internet connectivity problem, we recommend factory resetting both devices. Doing so will restore both devices’ default SSID and password, which you can find on their stickers.

Reset the WiFi router or modem to factory settings

Difficulty Very Easy ●○○○○
Number of Steps4
Time to Perform Fix3 minutes
Things NeededA WiFi router or modem
A SIM ejector pin
A working ethernet cable
Step 1: Unplug the WiFi router and modem’s ethernet cable.

Note: You should keep their power cables connected since both devices must be on during the factory reset.
Step 2: Hold the reset button inside the pinhole on your WiFi router or modem for 10 seconds using a SIM ejector pin.

Note: You can also use a paperclip or toothpick.
Step 3: Wait for the WiFi router and modem to shut down and reboot.

Note: Most WiFi routers and modems have an orange light indicator when the factory reset is in progress. 
Step 4: Plug in your WiFi router and modem’s ethernet cable once both devices turn back on.
Note: You can reconnect your Vizio TV to the WiFi network to try using SmartCast again.

By this point, there’s only a tiny chance for the internet connectivity issue to persist. In such cases, you must inform your internet service provider so they can assist you remotely or send a technician who can troubleshoot your WiFi connection in person.

FIX 3. Update the TV software 

Difficulty Easy ●●○○○
Number of Steps4
Time to Perform Fix10 minutes
Things NeededA Vizio smart TV
A Vizio TV remote control
A working internet connection

A software update is the go-to answer for complicated Vizio TV system issues that a simple restart process can’t resolve. Believe it or not, the issue with Vizio SmartCast not working isn’t an exception to this.

Downloading and installing the latest system software version is an excellent way to eliminate recurring bugs and glitches in your Vizio TV. It’s why most smart TV developers release software updates to keep their products working in top condition.

A software update is also a fantastic opportunity to improve your Vizio TV’s performance. Not to mention all the compatibility upgrades and new features your Vizio TV can get once you update its system software to the latest version.

Considering all the benefits a software update brings to your TV—whether it fixes Vizio SmartCast or not, it would be worth it.

Step 1: Press Menu on the Vizio remote control to access the settings menu on your TV.

Step 2: Go to System.

Step 3: Select Check for Updates and click Yes if a tiny confirmation window appears on the Vizio TV screen.

Note: Your Vizio TV will automatically connect to the Internet and search for available software updates.
Step 4: Click Yes when your Vizio TV finds a software update you can download and install.
Note: Your Vizio TV must have enough storage to download and install the latest software update. Otherwise, your Vizio TV may suffer software issues if the installation fails due to a lack of storage space.

FIX 4. Factory reset the Vizio TV 

Difficulty Very Easy ●○○○○
Number of Steps5
Time to Perform Fix3 minutes
Things NeededA Vizio TV
A Vizio TV remote control

When the software update fails to fix the issue with Vizio SmartCast not working, your only remaining option is to reset the TV to its factory settings. However, doing so will permanently delete your saved data and essential files from the Vizio TV.

However, the good thing is that you can expect the factory reset to fix your Vizio TV’s SmartCast issue. After all, this method is the best way to troubleshoot all software-related issues on a Vizio TV.

The downside of losing your essential data and files is why we don’t recommend the factory reset unless necessary. Unfortunately, you can’t recover lost data after the factory reset since Vizio TVs don’t have a backup and restore feature.

You can be sure that the factory reset will delete malware and viruses from your Vizio TV. It means the factory reset process is the only reliable way to remove malicious files causing system issues on your Vizio TV.

Step 1: Press Menu on the Vizio remote control to access the settings menu on your TV.

Step 2: Go to System.

Step 3: Go to “Reset & Admin.”

Step 4: Click “Reset to Factory Settings.”

Step 5: Click Reset if a tiny confirmation window appears on the Vizio TV screen to initiate the factory reset.
Note: After the reset, you must set up your Vizio TV by following the on-screen instructions once it reboots.

Why can’t the Vizio SmartCast detect my TV? 

Vizio SmartCast not working or detecting your TV means you have a connection issue. In particular, the most likely reason is your Vizio TV and the mobile device using the SmartCast app aren’t connecting to the same WiFi network.

Believe it or not, Vizio SmartCast will fail even with a solid internet connection if you use separate WiFi networks. After all, both devices must share the same WiFi network to communicate and establish a connection.

Why can’t the Vizio SmartCast detect my TV 

Please note that your Vizio TV must be running when connecting via the SmartCast app on your mobile devices. You can’t use Vizio SmartCast if the TV is off, even if you’ve paired both devices before.

Furthermore, some WiFi networks with similar SSIDs may have different signal frequencies (2.4GHz and 5.0GHz). Therefore, you must connect both devices to the same WiFi network of similar signal frequencies.

Important Tip: Not all Vizio TVs are compatible with 5.0GHz WiFi networks.

How do I update SmartCast on my Vizio TV? 

The Vizio smart TV’s SmartCast platform automatically updates in the background whenever the device has internet access. As such, you don’t have to worry about updating your Vizio SmartCast TV occasionally.

However, you can manually perform the update using the abovementioned steps for updating the Vizio TV software version. Doing so lets your Vizio TV download all available features and system app updates, so you don’t miss out on any.

Unfortunately, this only applies to newer Vizio TV models with built-in SmartCast. 

FAQs about Vizio SmartCast

Is SmartCast similar to Chromecast? 

SmartCast and Chromecast are similar and different in a lot of ways. Simply put, both technologies allow you to cast content from a separate mobile device or app to your TV through a WiFi network connection.

However, SmartCast is also different since it’s built-in on newer Vizio smart TVs, while Chromecast is a streaming device you plug into any TV with HDMI capabilities. Please note that some smart TVs may have a built-in Chromecast feature.

How do I turn on my Vizio TV’s SmartCast? 

The SmartCast is the built-on platform that powers your Vizio smart TV, so you can’t turn it on or off like most TV features. In other words, it’s an operating system developed by Vizio for their TVs, similar to Apple’s tvOS or Samsung’s Tizen OS.

How do I reset my Vizio SmartCast? 

Changing the language on your Vizio TV is a quick and easy way to reset SmartCast. You can do this whenever you get the SmartCast Home not available error.

To do this, navigate to the Vizio TV settings menu > System > Menu Language and set it to Spanish or French. This action will reload SmartCast Home in the background, and you can revert the menu language to English afterward.

How do I set up Vizio TV SmartCast without a remote?

A remote isn’t required to set up SmartCast on your TV as long as it has access to the Internet. Using the same WiFi network, you can use the SmartCast app on your mobile phone to connect to your Vizio TV.

Suppose your Vizio TV doesn’t have internet access; you must use alternative control options, such as a USB keyboard, to set up the internet connection first. Once WiFi is on, use the SmartCast on your mobile phone to connect to your TV.

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