How to Adjust Insignia TV Volume without Remote

Insignia TV: How to Adjust Its Volume without a Remote

It’s really hard to operate an Insignia TV without a remote control. Even if you feel it’s fine for you to stand up every time you need to adjust the volume or change the channel, it can get difficult because of the tricky physical buttons.

To change your Insignia TV’s volume without a remote, use the “Menu” button at the back or the front bottom of the TV. Press this “Menu” to activate the on-screen menu, then go to the “Sound” or “Audio” using the arrow buttons. 

And here’s more: In this post, we’ll show you other effective ways to adjust the Insignia TV volume level without a remote control. We even added a troubleshooting guide for nursing your faulty Insignia TV remote back to health. Read on!

How to Adjust the Volume on Insignia TV Without a Remote

Without further ado, below is the complete list of alternative ways to operate your Insignia TV and change its volume without a remote. You should use what’s most convenient for you. 

1. Use TV buttons 

Difficulty Very Easy ●○○○○
Number of Steps1
Time to Perform Fix10 to 20 seconds
Things NeededAn Insignia TV

The simplest control option for adjusting your Insignia TV’s volume level is through its physical buttons. Depending on your Insignia TV’s model, you may find its built-in physical buttons in different locations.

Aside from the location, the button layout and style may also vary since some Insignia TVs only have a lone power button while others have a controller board. It means adjusting the volume level is also different between these TV models.

Use the buttons on the back/side of your TV 

Regarding older Insignia TVs, they often have a controller board on the side of their frame or at the rear panel. These Insignia TVs have a complete set of controller buttons, making them utterly usable without a remote control.

Since these Insignia TVs have a dedicated volume control button, you can use them to adjust the volume level without a remote control. Believe it or not, it doesn’t matter whether or not you get a replacement remote for these older Insignia TVs.

Use the buttons on the back/side of your TV 

Use the buttons on the base of the TV 

Meanwhile, adjusting the Insignia TV volume on newer models is trickier since they typically only have a lone power button. You can find this power button on either side of your Insignia TV’s button bezel, alongside the IR sensor, to better indicate its location.

Use the buttons on the base of the TV 

Since there’s only one button, you can’t adjust your Insignia TV’s volume like in other models. In this layout, you must hold the power button to open a small options menu containing other commands on your Insignia TV display.

It’s where you can change your Insignia TV’s channel, input source, and volume level.

2. Use an app 

Difficulty Very Easy ●○○○○
Number of Steps9
Time to Perform Fix2 minutes
Things NeededAn Insignia TV
Any smartphone
A working internet connection

Using a smartphone is another option to adjust your Insignia TV volume level. Considering how most people own a smartphone, this option should be popular among Insignia TV users.

Unfortunately, Insignia has no official smartphone app for their TV, so you can only rely on third-party apps. As such, we leave choosing the perfect app for your Insignia TV at your discretion.

If you’re lucky, you’ll select one app that works perfectly with your Insignia TV. Otherwise, you might waste too much time finding the perfect and working remote control app for your smartphone.

Step 1: Open Google Play.

Note: Use the Apple App Store for iOS devices.
Step 2: Search and install any compatible remote app for your Insignia TV.
Note: Keep trying apps until you find one working on your Insignia TV.
Step 3: Open the app.

Step 4: Follow its on-screen setup instructions to prepare it for your Insignia TV.

Step 5: Select a remote type.

Note: You can’t select an Insignia remote type in some apps with only one remote control option.
Step 6: Wait for the app to download your Insignia remote control.

Step 7: Connect the smartphone to the Insignia TV’s WiFi network.

Note: Your Insignia TV and remote control app won’t detect each
other if they have separate WiFi connections.
Step 8: Use the infrared feature if you don’t have a smart Insignia TV.

Step 9: Point your smartphone to the Insignia TV, press a button on the app,
and select a response to the pop-up according to the result.

Note: If the app works, use it to control your Insignia TV. If not, keep trying by
pushing more buttons or checking the app settings menu
to change some configurations.

3. Use a universal remote

Difficulty Very Easy ●○○○○
Number of Steps1
Time to Perform Fix5 to 10 seconds
Things NeededAn Insignia TV
Any universal TV remote
A PC or smartphone
A working internet connection

Universal remotes are an excellent alternative for your faulty remote due to their fantastic compatibility with Insignia TVs. As its name suggests, a universal remote should work on any TV, regardless of its brand.

Therefore, you can use one if you have trouble changing your Insignia TV’s volume without its original remote. You can make your universal remote work by setting it up to behave like an Insignia TV remote.

The setup uses Insignia TV remote activation codes, which should also be available on your universal remote’s product guide or manual. Check this product guide if none of the codes below work on your Insignia TV, and see the complete setup instructions.

All-in-One CodesOne-for-All Codes4-Digit Codes

How to Fix the Faulty Insignia TV Remote 

Below are methods for fixing your faulty Insignia TV remote so you can adjust the volume level with it again. We guarantee this solution will work on most Insignia TVs unless yours is a very old model.

FIX 1. Reset your remote 

Difficulty Very Easy ●○○○○
Number of Steps1
Time to Perform Fix20 to 40 seconds
Things NeededAn Insignia Fire TV remote

For Insignia Fire TV users, resetting their remote control is quick and straightforward. It involves holding their Insignia Fire TV remote’s left, back, and menu buttons simultaneously for 12 seconds.

Reset your remote 

However, you must note that some Insignia Fire TV remotes may require holding their home button alongside the menu button instead. As such, you must check your Insignia TV’s user manual for the appropriate steps to reset its remote control.

After holding these buttons, your Insignia Fire TV remote should automatically undergo the reset sequence.

FIX 2. Replace the batteries 

Difficulty Very Easy ●○○○○
Number of Steps4
Time to Perform Fix20 seconds
Things NeededAn Insignia TV remote
Two AAA batteries

Even with a working remote control, you can’t change the Insignia TV volume level if its batteries are dead. Thus, we recommend changing your Insignia TV remote’s batteries often, especially if you keep buying cheap ones that won’t last long.

Believe it or not, investing in expensive remote batteries is better since you won’t have to change them more often. Furthermore, it’s more eco-friendly since old batteries are difficult to dispose of.

Step 1: Open your Insignia TV remote’s back compartment.

Step 2: Remove your Insignia TV remote’s batteries.

Step 3: Install new AAA batteries on your Insignia TV remote.

Step 4: Close your Insignia TV remote’s back compartment and press its volume button to see if it works.

FIX 3. Re-pair the remote 

Difficulty Very Easy ●○○○○
Number of Steps2
Time to Perform Fix60 seconds
Things NeededAn Insignia TV remote

Pairing problems are a common cause of malfunctioning Insignia TV remotes. As such, it’s a likely culprit whenever you can’t use the remote control to change your Insignia TV’s volume level.

We suggest re-pairing the remote with your Insignia TV to correct the pairing error. Doing so should fix the connection between both devices, allowing you to use your Insignia TV remote again like normal.

Step 1: Perform the previous reset steps on your Insignia TV remote.

Step 2: Hold your Insignia remote’s Home button for 30 seconds to pair it with your TV.

Note: You can keep repeating this method if the Insignia
remote doesn’t pair with your TV on your first attempt.

FIX 4. Reset your TV 

Difficulty Very Easy ●○○○○
Number of Steps4
Time to Perform Fix1 minute and 10 seconds
Things NeededAn Insignia TV remote

The remote control aside, we recommend resetting your Insignia TV because minor system bugs may also prevent its remote from working. It’s an essential part of the troubleshooting process since we don’t want any stones that are left unturned.

Changing the Insignia TV volume level sometimes doesn’t work if the device is unresponsive to your remote control’s signals. Therefore, resetting your Insignia TV to refresh its system memory is the most excellent solution for this issue.

Step 1: Turn off and unplug the Insignia TV.

Note: Unplug its power cable immediately if the Insignia TV is unresponsive.
Step 2: Hold its power button for 60 seconds to drain and soft reset its system.

Step 3: Plug in your Insignia TV and turn it on.

Step 4: Use the Insignia remote to change the TV’s volume and check for a response.

FIX 5. Get a replacement

Difficulty Very Easy ●○○○○
Number of Steps1
Time to Perform Fix10 to 20 seconds
Things NeededA replacement Insignia TV remote

Unlike a universal remote, purchasing an Insignia replacement remote is better since you can use it immediately. After all, you don’t need to set up an Insignia remote if it supports your TV natively.

Once you get your replacement remote, it’s as simple as changing your Insignia TV’s volume levels with a button click. Above all, you can order many replacement remotes online from Amazon.

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